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The Logo

      We often get asked about the significance of our logo. Truth be told our logo went through many iterations before we finally found the perfect fit that captured the basic pillars of what the Encore Apparel Co. brand aims to represent.  In theory, any logo should tell the story of the company and convey it's culture, beliefs and values        
     For us the 'Heart' is an ubiquitous symbol that represents an appreciation for both life & charity.  The yin yang component is a subtle nod toward finding proper balance, which is not always easy in this crazy world. The crossed drumsticks are a tribute to music, mainly classic rock & roll - think Rolling Stones, Beatles, Neil Young & Bob Dylan - all performers that continue to inspire us today. Finally, the EAC abbreviation was done in a gothic-type font to give the logo a cool, vintage, rock & roll type vibe.  Not only does the lettering denote our abbreviated company name, but it helps to balance and round out the logo.      
     A good friend and great designer once told us, you'll never make a perfect logo that appeals to every single person, but if you believe strongly that your logo represents your brand, thousands of other people will as well.  Here's hoping that you're in that group of people!