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Everyone has a unique story to tell. These album covers not only reflect the growing history of the Encore brand and community, but the ever changing world around us. Each album design marks a moment in time and is produced once in a limited quantity. Hang one on your wall and let it be a small inspiration to pursue whatever is meaningful to you. Life is Short. Play it Loud.

Album Cover Title Release Date Foil Stamp
Scribbles (Interconnected) 4/15/2022 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Under The Sea (Seaside) 4/15/2022 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Chalk (Reinvention) 4/15/2022 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Metal (Fortitude) 4/15/2022 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Red White & Blue (Community) 4/15/2022 Foil Stamp 1-100
On The Street 2/17/2021 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Up In Smoke 1/25/2021 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Night (Sky) 12/15/2020 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Morning (Shimmer) 12/10/2020 Foil Stamp 1-100
  Against the Grain 11/15/2019 Foil Stamp 1-1000
  Black Album 10/12/2018 N/A
  White Album 10/12/2018 N/A
  Joshua Tree 12/21/2017 N/A
  Working Man 2 4/20/2017 N/A
  Working Man 5/8/2016 Foil Stamp 1-1000