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50 Makes 1

50 Makes 1: Providing FREE Guitars to the next generation of singer/songwriters.

For every fifty 'hanging guitar' hats sold, one free guitar is given... 50 makes 1.

Why We Started It
We love music. It's the thread though Encore and the inspiration behind the brand. Life is more vivid and rewarding when it has a soundtrack.

Sadly, we came to realize that with budget cuts and financial pressures, many kids across the country were seeing their school music programs drastically reduced or even eliminated.

Why does that matter?
Now more than ever creativity, communication, and collaboration are essential skills needed for any successful career. Without exposure to music at schools, kids lose a vital building block and are put at a competitive disadvantage. That hurts us all.

We believe that in a world driven by technology, every student becomes a little more connected with an instrument in their hand. Playing guitar not only can foster that creative collaboration, and deep personal introspection, but it can be an inspiring force onto others - without question it has been for us.

With every purchase of an encore 'hanging guitar' hat you help support creative growth and a better educational experience for kids - no matter where they might go to school.

Life is Short. Play it Loud.
Casey & Mark
Encore Co-Founders & Life long Music Fans

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