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In 2013, Casey Paton and Mark Lisavich left the corporate world to take a chance on building a clothing brand inspired by music.  Hopeful the business venture would generate energy and excitement, like the final set of a great concert, they were drawn to the name Encore. 

Taking influence from the insightful lyrics and revolutionary ideas of the folk-rock music scene of the 1960’s, their goal was to create a free-thinking apparel brand with roots tracing back to that rebellious, but inspiring time period. ‘Life is Short. Play it Loud.’ summed up the entrepreneurial spirit behind the brand.

Encore started out producing simple graphical t-shirts and soon found itself working with various charitable causes. Eventually the company launched Project LOCAL : 50 makes 1, a partnership with the UKC RockStar program where providing free ukuleles to kids undergoing treatments at various local hospitals became a socially responsible mission of the brand.

Since launching in the fall of 2014, Encore has traveled its own path, working to establish connections to a growing audience. While there is no blueprint for launching any business, just getting out there, taking some big risks, and believing in the power of creativity, that in itself has made for a rewarding journey. 

Life is Short. Play it Loud.