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We'd love to see any pictures you'd like to share of you or your friends rocking Encore Apparel gear.  We've been amazed at how active our supporters are - you always seem to be having such a good time! It's great that EAC supporters aren't all surfers, or mountain climbers, or professional tennis players, or bull fighters.   Like us, you likely have a pretty normal, low-key lifestyle and you're probably very happy in just doing what you do.  So whether it's hanging with family, taking a cool trip to someplace new, building the biggest snow fort in your neighborhood or just chilling out at a great concert, we want to see what you're up to while wearing EAC!  
Remember, whenever you purchase an Encore Apparel item, you are helping to support a small grassroots charitable cause that needs both financial and public backing.  So regardless of what you're into, if you are sporting an Encore Apparel vintage t-shirt, trucker hat or sweatshirt, it's clear you're interested in supporting the LOCAL philanthropic concept.  We think that in itself is pretty damn cool.
If you use the #heartandsitcks tag on any photo you post to Instagram or Facebook we'll find you.  We're scanning all the time for new 'favorite' pictures which we'll ultimately share on our website, Facebook page and/or Instagram with others.  Once a month we'll pick a random winner of a $100 EAC gift card from all the monthly photos we choose to post.  All pictures selected over the course of the year will be eligible for a random drawing for Picture of the Year.  If you win that, Encore Apparel Co. will donate $500 to the charitable cause of your choosing.
We created Encore Apparel Co. to have fun while making some meaningful contributions to inspiring charitable causes.  We're willing to bet your pictures will share that same spirit of fun, excitement and positivity that embody the Encore brand, so please share them!

Use of Images - By tagging your photos with the unique #heartandsticks designation, you consent to allow Encore Apparel Co. to use such images on the website, the Encore Apparel Company Facebook page and/or the Encore Apparel Instagram feed.   At the initiation of this promotion there are no other posted images under #heartandsticks designation that are anyway unrelated to Encore Apparel Co.  As such you consent and acknowledge that by posting personal images under this unique hashtag [#heartandsticks] you understand that your personal image may be used in an appropriate manner by Encore Apparel Co.  The submission of your image under the #heartandsticks designation grants you open and fair entry to our promotion in exchange for the option to use such images.

Promotion Period - The promotion period for the $100 gift card winner will run from the 1st of every month until the last day of that month starting January 1st, 2015.  The promotion is open to any Encore Apparel Co. fan that own EAC merchandise and would like to share their personal pictures.  All winners are randomly selected by the management team at Encore Apparel Co.

Grand Prize - One grand prize ($500 donation from Encore Apparel Co. to a recognized charitable organization) will be awarded at the end of each calendar year.  Only pictures that have been used on the Encore Apparel Company website, Facebook page on Instagram feed will be eligible for the grand prize.  Only legally designated non-profits will be eligible for this donation.

Notification - The management team will notify monthly winners and the grand prize winner through that person's Instagram, Facebook page or email.  No other personal information will be used or shared.