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Welcome to Encore Apparel


Thanks so much for visiting our website.  Encore Apparel Company offers premium apparel items that embody a slightly rebellious, but inspiring vibe. We are not high-end designers trying to make ultra trendy clothes.  Our goal is to create simple designs with a vintage feel, that can be worn comfortably, just about anywhere.

Our inspiration comes from the classic rock & roll music we grew up listening to, along with a desire to recognize smaller, LOCAL charitable causes. For every item we sell, we set aside 10% of our net profits to be given out as grants to individuals or organizations that we feel deserve support - both publicly and financially.  All our shirts are designed in Boston, Massachusetts.

We hope you find some cool and interesting stuff on our site. If you decide to purchase anything, know you are helping to support some very personal and moving stories.  If you have any questions or comments for us, drop us a line at Please share our story with others!

Life is Short. Play it Loud.

Casey and Mark