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Having long admired the giving concept employed by the The Rex Foundation (established by the Grateful Dead) the hope was a ‘for-profit’ socially-responsible apparel company could give in a similar manner.

Following the blueprint of The Rex Foundation meant not being linked to one large charitable organization, but to numerous smaller causes. Seeing a growing trend that school music programs were being eliminated, E.A.C. began to focus it's giving via partnerships with select schools.

Our LOCAL giving program is structured to give grants to at-risk music programs in a manner similar to The Rex Foundation. There are no strict guidelines for a school to be a LOCAL grant recipient or formal application. E.A.C. selects schools via referrals and insight from our supporters. If you know a school that is either trying to revive a music program or save it, please send us their story.

We’re passionate about using a simple t-shirt as a means to do something positive for kids in all our communities. Our belief is that real improvement for the greater society starts on the micro level and eventually grows into the macro. Call it grassroots, or small scale, or just call it LOCAL. By preserving music in our schools, kids get direction, structure, confidence and a creative outlet. That’s pretty rock & roll in our book. 

Schools Supported