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What’s Your Cause? What’s Your Color? #EACLOCAL

Having long admired the charitable giving concept employed by The Rex Foundation, which was established by the Grateful Dead, we set out to create a ‘for-profit’ socially-responsible apparel company that could give in a similar manner.  Following the blueprint of The Rex Foundation meant Encore Apparel Co. would not just be linked to one specific charitable organization.

Built from a humble beginning, our aim was to learn about and promote the stories of various smaller philanthropic causes – from non-profits, to individuals, to other specific groups/events. We felt the exceptional work these people provide our communities deserves as much recognition as possible.  Providing some measure of ongoing financial support to these inspiring causes was a goal as well.  The word that best captured this socially-responsible concept for us was LOCAL. 

The EAC LOCAL program works like this.  After we connect with the organizers of a worthwhile cause, we create a simple shirt named specifically for that charity.  Each charity gets their own color and/or style shirt with our signature heart and sticks logo on it.  A significant portion of the sales proceeds from that shirt are given back to the charity on a recurring basis. The more shirts we sell, the more money goes back to the cause. 

At Encore Apparel Co. our belief is that real improvement and positive change for the greater society starts on the micro level and eventually grows into the macro.  Call it grassroots or small scale or just call it LOCAL.  The hope is to further spread inspiring human stories while generating some additional financial support for these special organizations and individuals.  We hope you come along and help us better recognize the work of these incredible people.