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Brand Ambassador

Encore Apparel Co. plans to launch a college ambassador program in the fall of 2015.  As one of our original ambassadors you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of building the Encore Apparel brand from the very beginning.  We envision our brand ambassadors as being on the very front line of our first year marketing effort as we work to build exposure.

What will we look for in our original group of ambassadors?  First and foremost we want individuals that epitomize the lifestyle and values we have built Encore Apparel Co. to represent.  A love of music, style, social entrepreneurship and an active lifestyle should all be important interests for you.  Being involved in supporting and promoting smaller, grassroots charitable causes with the goal of making the LOCAL community just a bit better, should also resonate with you.  

Our ideal candidate is smart, energetic, hard-working and outgoing, with a strong engagement in a variety of social organizations around campus.  We look for balanced individuals that are active in many different social circles, clubs and activities.  Being a leader among your peers in terms of involvement and influence carries significant weight.  We like so see students who are risk takers and have already accomplished great things.

With all that said, what does the brand ambassador role entail and what’s in it for you?  

  • The potential to work on your own schedule while at school and earn some potentially great $.
  • Compensation will start with a 10% commission payout on all retail sales driven through the website.  
  • Additional financial incentives may be added based on outstanding performance.
  • You’ll be provided with free EAC items for personal marketing.
  • You’ll have the chance to interact directly with the founders of EAC and ultimately potentially shape the future direction of the company.

In terms of responsibilities, a successful brand ambassador will be expected to execute the following:

  • Drive traffic and sales to the retail website.
  • Help to increase Facebook ‘Likes’ and Instagram ‘Followers’.
  • Work to build a solid relationship between EAC, your campus, and the local community.
  • Potentially plan and host certain on-campus events.
  • Have fun spreading the Encore Apparel story to your various social circles.

There is no upfront money required to be a part of the EAC brand ambassador program.  You’ll be compensated on all sales tagged under your specific campus code, regardless if you know the person ordering or not.  Commissions are paid directly to you by check, 45 days following the first sale under your personal promo code.

If you think you’re interested in being part of the Encore Apparel college ambassador program, please drop us a line at  Ultimately, we’ll arrange a personal meeting on-campus with you if you think you’d be a good fit for our ambassador program.  At most, we’ll select two male and two female ambassadors for any specific campus.

Thanks again for your interest in the Encore Apparel Co. brand!

Life is Short.  Play it Loud.

Casey & Mark