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E.A.C. Local Artist Spotlight - Chad Perrone

Posted by Mark Lisavich on

Having long been inspired by the confluence of music and fashion, it felt appropriate to shift the focus of our weekly blog to something music related and highlight local Boston-based singer-songwriter Chad Perrone.  

Perrone, a Five-time Boston Music Award nominee, recently released his 4th studio album as a solo artist.  The new album titled “Kaleidoscope”, while a clear departure from the previous guitar driven pop-rock albums we’ve grown accustomed to, begins to feel immediately recognizable by the middle of track one: “Minor Letdowns".  His passionate vocals, deeply personal lyrics, and seemingly effortless ability to write a hook are as present in “Kaleidoscope” as ever before. 

The similarities to his previous releases pretty much end there though.  In “Kaleidoscope” Chad seems to have fully embraced synth-driven pop music, drum machines and sentimental ballads.  While referential to many classic 80’s rock elements, this album sounds far less dated; an amazing example of a dominating and influential style of rock music, while sounding equally contemporary and innovative.

Kaleidoscope” often revolves around times of personal turmoil (namely heartbreak), while also offering several moments of hope and optimism.  In “Gone”, Chad’s broken heart is visibly put on display, yet the overall production of the track creates this incredible sense of revivify.  

More often than not, the album adeptly blends moody keyboard trills, bone-crunching drumbeats and persuasively intimate lyrics.  It is easily and unmistakably his most worthy solo product to date.  Chad's gift for melody has always been his signature, and now, accompanied by absolute flawless production, this album is deserving of so much better than I'm capable of describing.  The note I sent to Chad upon my first listen of 'Kaleidoscope' was something to the effect of, “I feel like we've been waiting 15 years for you to make this album!”  

I’ve been fortunate enough to witness and hear the evolution of Chad’s songwriting over the last couple decades and I am truly ecstatic that he finally made this album.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t quickly touch on how this amazing record came to fruition.  Admittedly apprehensive at first, Chad leveraged the site PledgeMusic ( and created a crowd-funding campaign that was successful in both reaching 100% of its financial goal while also engaging and allowing his fans to be a part of the creative process.  Taken from his own website, Chad is quoted as saying, “I know my songs often end up being serious, but I’m really quite the goofball.”  It was nice for fans to be able to see and appreciate that side of Chad, a side that they may not have gotten from just listening to his music.  

 “Kaleidoscope” can be purchased from iTunes at and I’d kindly encourage anyone who has not yet had a chance to listen to it to go ahead and check it out.  Chad’s songwriting is matched only by his character so you’d not only be supporting an incredibly talented musician, you’d also be supporting one heck of a guy.

-Mark Lisavich

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