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Encore Apparel Co. has launched!

Posted by Casey Paton on

It’s bright day here in Boston, as after five years of dreaming, and eleven months of intense work, we’re proud to announce the official commercial launch of Encore Apparel Co.   My name is Casey Paton and along with my partner Mark Lisavich, we want to thank you for taking an interest in our new business venture.  In crafting Encore Apparel Company, Mark and I tried to fuse together certain things that have inspired us into a vintage-styled clothing & lifestyle brand.  The biggest inputs we wanted to incorporate into EAC were an appreciation for classic rock & roll, a commitment to corporate social responsibility and an overall positive life message. Neither of us are experienced designers, or previously worked in the world of apparel.  That didn’t stop us from embracing the risk of leaving our corporate jobs in order to pursue a creative vision.  As the saying goes, life is not really worth living unless you’re willing to take some risks and go for broke. 

Aside from supporting various smaller, grassroots charitable causes and having an outlet for our creative ideas, Mark and I hope to create a transparent business enterprise that maybe in some small way will inspire others to pursue their own dreams.  You typically only read about companies once they reach a certain level of success – maybe when they go public, or if they get sold at a huge valuation or when they have developed a substantial customer base.  It’s not often that a new start-up looking for its footing in the world will share a lot of information about the journey; but that’s exactly what Mark and I hope to do from this day forward.  We created Encore Apparel Co. to connect with people, to produce a simple style of clothing, and in general to try to do something meaningful.  Our hope is that people will want to take this ride with us in order to see what kind of enterprise we can build together. 

We’ve released a bit of a back story for EAC prior to the actual commercial website launch through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  We’ll continue to use those social media platforms as we move forward in communicating information about the company and brand.  This blog on the website will offer less frequent, but longer and more personal entries from both Mark and I.  While we have a very similar sense of style and share a lot of the same interests, especially when it comes to music, Mark and I obviously have our own varied life experiences which shapes the way we each view the world. As such, we’ll both offer our own opinion and perspectives on various topics ranging from business, to music, to life, to social responsibility & giving back.  

So with that Mark and I would both like to thank you once again for your support and interest in Encore Apparel Company.  It goes without saying we’re excited to share this adventure with you! 


Life is Short. Play it Loud.

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